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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!—a podcast that will shatter the HGTV-induced veneer of real estate, and celebrate the challenges of working in this wild, wacky business.
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Dec 2, 2016


Moving into a new house might sound easy, but as today’s guests Clark and Elizabeth will tell you—it’s not…especially when you break your leg and forget to have the gas and water utilities turned on!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:41 – Introducing Clark and Elizabeth
  • 01:10 – They started by purchasing one house
  • 01:38 – Working with an attorney to ensure the deal goes smoothly
  • 01:57 – Elizabeth catches some bad luck—breaks her leg
    • 02:43 – At the emergency room, Clark offers to cancel his trip to Australia
    • 03:20 – They decide Clark shouldn’t cancel, friends help Elizabeth with their move
  • 04:22 – Clark and Elizabeth benefited from a very nice, helpful agent
  • 04:35 – During the move, Elizabeth got the electricity, phone, and cable all set up
    • 05:05 – But she completely forgot about the furnaces, gas, and water!
    • 05:53 – Clark also forgot about everything
    • 06:35 – As did the real estate agent
  • 07:07 – The gas and water offices were closed Monday for holiday, so Elizabeth had to shower at a friend’s house
  • 07:45 – Eventually, Elizabeth got everything in the house settled—including furniture—in spite of her leg
    • 08:01 – When Clark got back from AU, he suggested moving the furniture—Elizabeth shut him down, HARD
  • 08:26 – It was a first time learner’s experience
  • 09:38 – Elizabeth formed a community to help her during the move
  • 10:40 – “Realtors, remember to help your clients out”
  • 10:53 – Are you a listener with a crazy story to share? Ping Leigh at

3 Key Points

  1. Always create a checklist when you’re moving.
  2. Always keep your friends and family close—you’ll need them when it’s time to move.
  3. The first time you move will be a big time learning experience—there will be problems. Keep a smile on your face.