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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!—a podcast that will shatter the HGTV-induced veneer of real estate, and celebrate the challenges of working in this wild, wacky business.
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Dec 16, 2016


Being a realtor isn’t as easy as you think, especially for the newbies in the biz! Listen as Tara Christianson explains how her naivety made her spend $15,000 of her own hard-earned money for a single listing that she never even sold!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Introducing Tara
  • 00:47 – Tara started as an agent before transitioning to life as a technology and training director
    • 02:25 – Tara’s first listing was a $1.7M house
    • 02:55 – Her clients lied to her about the price
    • 03:08 – The market started to drop
    • 03:25 – Tara finally secured an offer for $1.4M
      • 03:33 – By that time, Tara has invested already $15,000 in marketing
      • 04:48 – The listing has been up for 6 months
    • 05:02 – The owners declined the offer
      • 05:19 – Why?—because they were just using their home as an ATM
    • 05:45 – The owners didn’t want to get the ‘embarrassment’ of a short sale situation, so they pulled off the market
    • 06:00 – Tara lost the $15,000 she sank into marketing and an additional $12,,000 in her first year of real estate
  • 07:37 – Timing is everything in real estate business
  • 08:25 – Homeowners don’t understand that there isn’t any expense account in real estate
  • 09:36 – Sometimes, a short-sale may be the smart economic decision
  • 09:56 – Reach Tara on her website or
  • 10:43 – Are you a listener with a crazy story to share? Ping Leigh at

3 Key Points

  1. Think for yourself. Don’t do things just because people tell you to.
  2. Always know the numbers.
  3. Spend time developing the right marketing strategy—don’t just start marketing blindly.