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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!—a podcast that will shatter the HGTV-induced veneer of real estate, and celebrate the challenges of working in this wild, wacky business.
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Feb 21, 2017

Real estate was in Mark Allen’s blood, but he found himself wanting to take a different path than his parents. In the end, his roots won him over and he found great success in real estate. Listen as he shares a crazy story about hosting an open house in the wrong neighborhood—but manages to make that sale anyway. In this episode, Leigh interviews Mark Allen, Vice President for Industry Relations at Move Inc.

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Time Stamped Show Notes: 

  • 00:22 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:44 – Leigh introduces Mark Allen
  • 01:05 – Mark currently works with Move Inc., a company that provides real estate software products and they also operate com
  • 01:30 – Back then, Mark became a real estate agent after college
  • 01:44 – He’s an S-O-B (Son of a broker)
  • 02:04 – When he went to college, he wanted to do anything, but real estate
  • 02:15 – His real estate career has been wonderful throughout the years
  • 02:20 – Mark shares a story of when he was a new agent
    • 02:35 – One new agent, like himself, was holding an open house for one of the senior agents
    • 02:44 – The open house was set on a Sunday afternoon, at Red Circle Drive
    • 02:56 – The sellers were not in the house, but the door was open for the open house
    • 03:02 – The open house lasted for 2.5 hours and had a fair amount of traffic
    • 03:10 – Just as the agent was about to close the house, the sellers came up and were quite irate as to why he was on their property
    • 03:19 – The agent quickly said they agreed to have an open house that day to market the home to buyers
    • 03:26 – The sellers told him that their house was NOT for sale
    • 03:33 – The agent realized he was not supposed to be on Red Circle South, but in Red Circle North!
    • 04:00 – The agent had buyers interested from the open house he held and eventually ended up selling the house he showed, but didn’t list
    • 04:14 – The buyers offered a price that the homeowners did not anticipate
    • 04:50 – The original homeowners from where the agent originally listed weren’t very happy that their house didn’t have that initial open house, but the listing agent was able to recover from that
  • 05:13 – The real estate business is a very fluid environment
  • 05:32 – 35% of the US population has linear thinking
  • 06:06 – Mark shares another story as a realtor
    • 06:09 – Mark was called to show a house
    • 06:15 – He picked up the buyer from a shopping mall and drove them to the house
    • 06:24 – As he was picking up his things, he saw the buyer get into another car and drive off
    • 06:32 – He became an instant Uber driver
  • 07:17 – Mark’s parents both have been successful in real estate
  • 08:08 – Move Inc. is not owned by the National Association of Realtors
  • 08:19 – More than 2 years ago, it was purchased and is now a subsidiary of NewsCorp
  • 09:17 – com is a website for real estate listings
  • 11:20 – Reach Mark on his email
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3 Key Points

  1. The path you’re avoiding might be the path that will lead you to success.
  2. Always double check your listings!
  3. Be open to options and don’t just stick with linear thinking.