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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate!—a podcast that will shatter the HGTV-induced veneer of real estate, and celebrate the challenges of working in this wild, wacky business.
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Apr 18, 2017

When Shannon’s gut told her that something was off with a certain house, she couldn’t have been more right. A homeowner who illegally smuggles family relatives into the country to essentially work without pay is not someone you’d like to buy a home from. In this episode, Leigh welcomes Shannon Brien who has been in real estate for almost 4 years. She is a realtor with The Douglas Realty for Coldwell Banker HPW in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:21 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:40 – Leigh introduces Shannon
  • 01:10 – Shannon has been in real estate for almost 4 years and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 01:40 – Shannon explains the triangle of North Carolina
  • 02:54 – Shannon starts with her crazy story
    • 03:01 – Shannon’s attorney, Duane Hall, had a paralegal who wanted to buy a house
    • 03:24 – They sold Kelly’s house and got it out of contract
    • 03:31 – Shannon had scheduling issues so a colleague booked Kelly’s first viewing—Shannon hadn’t even seen the house yet
    • 03:53 – The house was a rental property and needed to have some repairs done
    • 04:11 – Kelly looked into the company who owns the house
    • 04:21 – The man who owns most of the properties had gotten into trouble
    • 04:31 – This man was illegally bringing in relatives to the states, making them work at his kiosks, and was not paying them in cash
    • 05:05 – Shannon immediately terminated the contract
    • 05:12 – Two weeks later, the property was seized by the Feds
    • 05:20 – Shannon and Kelly looked into another house
    • 05:27 – There were renters in the house and there was drug paraphernalia everywhere—the house was also trashed
    • 06:20 – Shannon and the Kelly felt they could “roll with it” and fix it up
    • 06:48 – They had their final walkthrough
    • 07:19 – Shannon found out that the tenants were the sellers’ relatives
    • 07:26 – The family pulled together to get the house cleaned up and sorted for the sale
  • 08:18 – Shannon had a great relationships with the agent on the other side
  • 09:24 – Shannon shares what she likes about the women council
  • 10:14 – When you volunteer and get involved, there’s a huge payoff for you and your client
  • 10:45 – Shannon shares how she reacted seeing the drugs with her client
  • 12:14 – Shannon can be reached through social media
  • 12:18 – Reach Shannon at 919-909-8335 and through email
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3 Key Points

  1. Trust your gut—it is there for a reason.
  2. When you volunteer and get involved, there’s a huge payoff for you and your client.
  3. Know your local legislators and be aware on how they can help your local real estate concerns.