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Feb 24, 2017

Start them young! This is what Michelle did for her daughter, Amanda, who started joining client meetings and showings every time she was grounded. This relationship eventually grew to a mother-daughter partnership in real estate. In this episode, Leigh welcomes Michelle and Amanda Gordon who are family, best friends, and business partners. Michelle and Amanda are both from The Gordon Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:21 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:40 – Leigh introduces Michelle and Amanda Gordon
    • 00:50 – Michelle is with The Gordon Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    • 00:55 – Amanda is also with Gordon Group and is a Director of ISA
  • 01:36 – Michelle discusses the family dynamics
    • 01:40 – Amanda was with Michelle since Amanda was 13 years old
  • 02:00 – Amanda would help Michelle in her work whenever she was grounded
    • 03:10 – Amanda would go to showings and client meetings with Michelle
  • 03:40 – Amanda didn’t want to go to college, but her parents insisted
    • 03:48 – Amanda took 1 year in business school
  • 04:05 – Michelle and Amanda are also best friends and business partners
    • 04:15 – While working, Amanda would call Michelle by her first name and Michelle would fully understand why
  • 05:14 – Amanda became Michelle’s secretary and would do administrative work—this is where Amanda learned the back end of real estate
    • 05:35 – Michelle is the techy one and taught Amanda about social media marketing
    • 06:20 – Amanda and Michelle have almost the same DISC profile result
    • 06:30 – Leigh explains what the DISC profile test is
  • 07:30 – Amanda and Michelle had a roller-coaster, working relationship as a mother and daughter
    • 08:08 – Amanda quit and got fired more than 5 times
    • 08:22 – Michelle needed to figure out the dividing language for them
    • 08:30 – Michelle hired a business coach to help them
    • 08:47 – Michelle and Amanda are both passionate about real estate
  • 09:10 – Michelle shares her views on getting out of the business, without losing the business
    • 09:20 – Michelle has to make a smooth transition and it was a wise move to have Amanda start early on
  • 10:16 – Michelle and Amanda’s specialize in luxury listings
    • 10:30 – The price range for a luxury listing in Grand Rapids
    • 11:17 – Michelle gets people from New York and other cities wanting to relocate to Grand Rapids
    • 11:55 – People should not rely on national media to talk about the real estate market because they simply don’t know the market
  • 12:14 – Grand Rapids’ focus is local
  • 13:15 – Amanda talks about the python they saw in one house
    • 13:18 – In 2008/09, Michelle and Amanda had a showing together
    • 13:25 – In a box that was half-covered by a sheet, was a 15ft python
    • 13:43 – There was also a room with 5 bird cages
    • 14:08 – Michelle and Amanda went upstairs because the parrots were making so much noise
  • 15:50 – Grand Rapids, Michigan is different from Detroit
  • 16:51 – There are areas in Grand Rapids that are on the rise, so it is a good opportunity for investors
  • 17:36 – Amanda knows her areas well
  • 18:07 – Reach Amanda Gordon at 616-560-2928 or by email
  • 18:22 – Call or text Michelle Gordon at 616-443-0596 or by email
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3 Key Points

  1. Having your child become involved in your business at a young age has its pros and cons.
  2. Hiring a business consultant will not only help your business, but your relationship with your business partners as well.
  3. People should not rely on national media to talk about the real estate market, because they simply don’t know the market well.